Symbolism – The Fool

In his journey, The Fool can reach his destination – The World.
At the beginning of the journey, The Fool is a multiplicity of different and fake ‘I’s’, that constantly changing.
At the end of the journey, The Fool becomes one true and permanent ‘I’…


“Imagine that humans are made up of a hollow, rounded vessel filled with many colored balls. For that matter, let’s say we look at a particular person, such as our protagonist, The Fool, who opens the Major Arcana. The rounded and hollow vessel of The Fool, due to external influences, is continuously shaken, rolling, turning and rattling. Its inner balls too, due to the constant motion of the rounded vessel, mingle and change their place nonstop. Each one of those colored balls is confident that he is the real Fool. Each of these balls calls itself “I.”Read More »


Numbered Cards

Figure 3

Figure 3 presents the idea of dividing the energetic centers into three levels: Page/Knight, Queen, and King. Each level is also divided into three levels:

– The first level, the Page/Knight, is divided into cards number 2, 3, 4.Read More »

The War of the Kings

Jacob and Esau

In the biblical story of Jacob and Esau, Jacob represents a certain part of the emotional center, and Esau represents a certain part of the instinctive center! Since energetic centers are divided into three levels, one can say that Jacob represents the upper level of the emotional center – the King of Water (Cups), and Esau the upper level of the instinctive center – the King of Earth (Pentacles).

The King of Water and the King of Earth

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The second level of the emotional center

The Queen of Water (Cups)

The Queen of Water (Cups) has a high perception and quick discernment, and she can be fast in assessing other people. She can notice people’s emotional needs, and in many cases, she can understand how to help others. The Queen of Water (Cups) is always anxious to be at the center of things. She has a more sophisticated and delicate sense of humor than the Page/Knight of Water (Cups). Typically, the Queen of Water (Cups) will be a person with strong religious convictions and feelings associated with morality.  The Queen of Water (Cups) always feels that she lacks something, that she needs something new and exciting, this does not mean that she lacks something, she just enjoys the feeling that there’s something else she’s missing. The expression of negative emotions such as greed, cynicism, ridicule, cruelty, stubbornness, toughness, malice, jealousy and vengeance is associated with the Queen of Water (Cups).

Queen of Water (Cups)

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The first level of the emotional center

Page/Knight of Water (Cups)

In this part of the emotional center are stored all the automatic feelings, which are drawn without any attention, all the behaviors that were conditioned by culture and norms. If we live for a while in a foreign country where the standards are different, the Page/Knight of Water (Cups) will continue to respond according to norms that are familiar to him reflexively, and his response will be out of place or even considered inappropriate in that country. This way, we can make a very effective observation of him. Because the Page/Knight of Water (Cups) automatically imitates other people, he will be particularly susceptible to influence when he finds himself in the company of other people.

Page/Knight of Water (Cups)

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